The competition vs. SiliconMesa® EHR

March 9, 2012

With a federal mandate and all the stimulus money, why is EHR adoption so slow among medical practices? Our market research shows most EHR vendors on the market have missed the concept of delivering real added value for small-medium sized practices.

Some EHR vendors target the needs of large provider networks & institutions (and their incentive money) with expensive customer-hosted software licenses requiring locally purchased servers & storage networks, managed by in-house IT staff.

Other EHR vendors target mass volume with “bare bones” EHR products that are often abandoned for a variety of reasons. Many are difficult to use; require significant changes to existing workflows; provide poor customer service and technical support; have hidden hardware & software costs; and have unknown security risks.

SiliconMesa offers a complete solution with no upfront cost, and no commitment. Our success = your success; our goal is for you to become proficient, tell your friends, and collect your referral bonus! :-)

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