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Our flagship product, SiliconMesa® EHR, is an affordable, highly secure, and fully integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution that is customized to fit the existing workflow of your medical practice.

SiliconMesa® EHR Features

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    Secure Client Login

    • Go to, click “Client Login”

    • Enter your SiliconMesa Client Login Username and PIN, and select desired authentication method (phone call or SMS text)

    • Click “Go”, and your enrolled phone number will immediately receive a verification call or SMS text from our authentication center

    • Follow the authentication instructions, and you’ll immediately be forwarded to your SiliconMesa® EHR login screen

    • Enter your SiliconMesa® EHR Username and Password

    • SiliconMesa® EHR 2-Factor Authentication SiliconMesa® EHR Login Screen
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    Appointment Scheduler

    • Setup each provider’s unique schedule

    • View multiple provider schedules simultaneously

    • Easily find next available time slot

    • Setup recurring appointments

    • Setup email and/or SMS text appointment reminders

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Calendar View SiliconMesa® EHR Appointment Scheduler SiliconMesa® EHR Find Next Available Time Slot
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    Patient Summary

    • A single screen with 1-Click expandable fields provides all key patient information at a glance

    • Billing Status, Demographics, Insurance, Notes, Patient Reminders, Disclosures, Vitals, Clinical Reminders, Appointments, Medical Problems, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations, Prescriptions

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Summary Screen
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    Chart YOUR Way - Use YOUR Custom Forms

    • Integrate your existing paper forms, or choose from our library of forms

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Custom Forms - Example Intake & History SiliconMesa® EHR Custom Forms - Example Review of Systems & Vitals SiliconMesa® EHR Custom Forms - Example Exam, Assessment, Plan
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    Chart YOUR Way - Use YOUR Mobile Devices

    • Pre-configured to interface seamlessly with speech recognition software, and handwriting recognition using tablets with electronic stylus pen

    • SiliconMesa® EHR runs on virtually any mobile device including Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices. Recommended tablet computers:

      • Apple iPad 2
      • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
      • Samsung Galaxy Note 7.0 (fits in a lab coat or scrub pocket)
    • SiliconMesa® EHR on iPad 2 w/ Bluetooth Keyboard SiliconMesa® EHR on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 w/ Stylus Pen SiliconMesa® EHR on Samsung Galaxy Note 7.0 w/ Stylus Pen
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    Labs and Imaging

    • Connect to thousands of labs to submit, track, and review orders

    • Import any image or document directly into a patient record

    • X-rays, MRIs, ID cards, scanned documents, etc.

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    Diagnostic Graphs

    • Analyze patient data, trend graph vitals over time

    • Height, weight, BP, pulse, respiration, temperature, O2, BMI

    • Instantly generate growth charts

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Vitals Data SiliconMesa® EHR Growth Charts
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    • Email, fax, print, or direct transmit prescriptions to any pharmacy

    • Refill prescriptions from anywhere

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Enter Prescriptions SiliconMesa® EHR Prescriptions
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    Coding & Billing

    • Accurately capture charges with our built-in library of complete procedure & diagnoses (CPT, ICD, HCPCS) codes licensed from the American Medical Association

    • Generate, submit, and track error-free billing claims directly to clearing houses and insurance companies

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Coding Fee Sheet SiliconMesa® EHR Billing Manager SiliconMesa® EHR Payment Accounting SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Billing Statement
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    • Run configurable reports to analyze your practice data

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Superbill Report SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Care Reports
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    Office Messaging

    • Eliminate lost or missed paper sticky notes

    • Send and receive electronic sticky notes to anyone on your practice staff, and track to closure

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Intra-Office Messaging
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    Patient Portal

    • Give your patients 24x7 secure access to key information about their own health

    • Includes their Continuity of Care documents, lab results, medications, allergies, and appointments

    • SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Portal Authentication SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Portal Login Screen SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Portal