Up Front Cost: $0

Leverage existing workstations; if you can access the Internet, you already have all the equipment you need!

Monthly Subscription: $500+

Choose the plan that best fits the needs of your practice.

Product Feature SiliconMesa® EHR Advantage SiliconMesa® EHR Advantage Plus SiliconMesa® EHR High Summit
SiliconMesa® EHR
  • Secure client login with 2-factor authentication
  • Appointment scheduler
  • SMS & Email patient reminders
  • Patient summary screen
  • Chart YOUR way with YOUR custom forms
  • Vitals trending & growth charts
  • Prescriptions - print, fax, or email
  • Configurable reports
  • Intra-office messaging
  • English or Spanish language mode
  • Speech and handwriting recognition ready
  • No upfront cost required, no commitment
Yes Yes Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR Integral Options
  • eRx – DrFirst™ Rcopia eRx
  • eRx Mobile – DrFirst™ RcopiaMini eRx for mobile devices
  • eRx Controlled Substances – DrFirst™ EPCS Gold™
  • LabConnect – Lab orders integrated with patient records
  • RadiologyConnect – Imaging orders integrated with patient records
eRx and eRx Mobile Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR Patient Portal
  • Enable online, read-only, 24x7, secure patient access to to continuity of care documents, lab results, medications, allergies, and appointments
  • English or Spanish language mode
Yes Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR RevenueTrack Practice Management
  • eCoding built-in library of AMA CPT, ICD, HCPCS codes
  • eBilling directly to clearinghouses and insurance companies
Yes Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR Astute Revenue Cycle Management
  • InsuranceVerify - Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification
  • ClaimAssist - Claim Status Inquiry
  • PaymentPrime - Online Patient Payment Solution
InsuranceVerify and ClaimAssist Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR Data Center Services
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant
  • Industry-leading data security
  • Nightly backups and disaster recovery support
Yes Yes Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR Customer Support
  • Free startup training for medical practice staff
  • Unlimited 24x7 technical support
  • Guidance to achieve “Meaningful Use”
Yes Yes Yes
SiliconMesa® EHR Assisted Data Transfer
  • Transfer existing records into SiliconMesa® EHR
Free consultation Free consultation Free consultation
  • Per Physician, Dentist, Chiropractor, Physician Assistant, or Certified Nurse Practitioner
$500 $650 $800